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Les Principaux Plug'ins pour Caligari Truespaces de T à Z...


TrU-V : is the key to mapping objects perfectly! Frustrated by the stretching and pulling you've seen on the bitmaps you apply to polygonal 3D objects? Well say goodbye to those mapping headaches because TrU-V (patent pending) is now available for trueSpace4. Awarded a 1998 Computer Graphics World innovation award for "extending the frontiers of computer graphics technology", TrU-V creates a single custom bitmap for your polygonal object based on its unique 3D geometry -- regardless of the object's complexity. The result is a bitmap that fits perfectly on your object.


Primmies Gold : is an image utility for trueSpace3. Allows you to import and export images, apply image filters (including over a user-defined section), TIF and TGA file support, complete color adjustments (HSV, RGB, HSL, CMY), Contrast, Negative, Greyscale, Flip, editing of both image and bump maps and settings, Merge utility to combine two images, Notepad, and Fully compliant TWAIN support for importing images DIRECTLY FROM SCANNERS OR DIGITAL CAMERAS!


Shady : is a set of 16 shaders primarily based on 4D cellular and perlin noise functions. They support loopable animation, different spaces (volume, UV), and control over various parameters - including a unique, easy to use multi-color gradient editor. Shady contains following shaders: Color: Angle Gradient, Cellular Color, Distance Gradient, Perlin Color; Displacement: Cellular Displacement, Perlin Displacement, Quantize Normal, ReFacet, Sine Waves; Transparency: Blink, Cellular Transparency, Perlin Transparency, Vertices, Wireframe; Reflectance: Perlin Reflectance, Cellular reflectance.

redShift : is a set of trueSpace image adjustment postprocessing filters. In addition to features of image adjustment tools found in majority of image editors redShift includes additional options available only within 3D animation rendering environment. One of them is the ability to change filter values based on distance from camera. For example with simple brightness/contrast of redShift you gain powerful control over DOF type of effect. Other special feature enables you to animate filter values with help of unlimited number of key-frames. Filter values can be previewed and changed on a real rendered image.

The trueSpace I/O collection : is envisioned as a collection of data conversion utilities. It is currently in an early stage of development.

IntrudeR : is now a trueSpace4.1 Post-Processing Filter. Allows simple color, alpha, and z-buffer channel mixing. Also supports mixing with mathematical formulae.

Elements : is an "Earth" terrain shader for trueSpace4.1.

etc. : is a recursive object copier. With it you will be able to construct objects from simple stairs to complex fractals.

F Creator : is used to create objects defined by mathematical formulae. It enables you to create simple graphs of functions such as X^2+Y^2 or more complex.

Shell : creates shell form from the selected object. Objects with holes in faces are now properly shelled.

sunShine : will add realistic sun to the scene. The sun is represented by a light and moved accordingly to the geographic location and the time of day.

TreeDo : is a parametric tree creator.

AniMeta :

EyeZoom :

PasteIt :

Wheeler V1.0 :


CoolPowers2 : is a suite of twelve plug-ins designed to make your life easier. Some of them are fun, some of them are utilities, but hopefully all of them will be useful in your trueSpace work. Full details can be found at the following link, because

CoolPowers3 : is a suite of ten plug-ins, including the following functions: Cel Renderer, Texture Generator, Screen Grabber, Object Hose, Object Melter, Single-sided Plane Primitive, Object Spherizer, Motion Path Randomizer, Object Morpher, and Lofting/Skinning Tool.

CoolPowers4 : is the biggest and best collection yet. With this suite, you'll be able to create true NULL objects, adjust lighting in a more efficient manner, replace one set of objects with another, 'slide' objects in and out instead of scaling them, increase your control over textures, create more integrated composites, tweak background images, make objects glow, reduce the amount of render time needed for motion blur, add a specular bloom effect, create more atmostpheric fog, and view/modify your renders within trueSpace.

reflects pro : Take control of your surfaces. reflects pro is a custom reflectance shader for trueSpace 4.3 that gives everyone the ability to map ALL channels to images, image sequences, or even AVIs. Ambient, diffuse, shininess, roughness, mirror, transmission, index of refraction -- they're now all mappable! Every channel also has a definable falloff amount so you can fade the effect in or out at the edges of the object you're shading. Need more? How about blurred reflections, different reflection types, enhanced environment mapping, and independent saturation control for both the base and reflection colors? Render like (or better than) the big boys!

SphereGlo : is a trueSpace4.1 material shader that creates blends between two colors when used as a color shader, or between opaque and transparent when used as a transparency shader. It is intended for use with spherical objects, and is particularly useful for glowing particle effects, as the output is always front-facing.

toon up pro : is the most powerful cel shader trueSpace4 has ever seen! toon up pro offers unprecedented control for cel-style output, allowing you to emulate several traditional styles with just a few parameter changes. As a trueSpace4.1 shader, toon up pro provides complete integration with other shaders, giving you the ability to easily place cartoon characters in a photorealistic scene, complete with shadows and reflections, or to apply further post-production effects.

wipe : is a useful plug-in that allows you to enter a search string and remove many like-named objects from your scene. Great when you have objects "GrassPlane" through "GrassPlane,2000" and you want to quickly remove them all in one move.